Monday, January 28, 2008

Car Insurance Quotation Worksheet & Car Rentals Insurance

1.Car Insurance Quotation Worksheet

Here you'll find worksheet that can make your auto insurance shopping much easier.

You may use this worksheet to shop for insurance. You'll gather all the necessary information to apply for auto insurance and make cost comparisons.

If the agent/producer or company misquotes the premium and the policy is in effect for less than 60 days, the policy is re-rated and the correct amount is charged. Policies in effect for more than 60 days must continue coverage at the quoted rate unless you misrepresented information to the insurance company or the agent/producer.

1. Fill in the rating information before you begin comparison shopping for insurance. If your son or daughter has a car registered in their name and you intend to obtain coverage for them as well, their rating information should be completed on a copy of this worksheet.

2. Call or visit several insurance agents/producers to obtain premium quotes. Write down the name and telephone number of the agent/producer and the company represented.

3. Make a note of any variations between companies’ limits and deductibles.

4. Ask for any applicable discounts.

5. Define how and where claims are reported. Make sure in its convenience for you.

6. Price isn’t the only consideration when purchasing insurance. Consider an agent/producer’s and a company’s reputation for reliable service and fair claims processing.

2.Car Rentals Insurance

Are you going to rent a car? Read an important information about car rental insurance. The tips given here will help you to take the right decision.

You may wish to take out insurance when renting a car whether for vacation or corporate trip purposes or even your own vehicle is being repaired.

Individuals who avail car rentals, in most cases, certainly takes out car rental insurance lobbied by car rental firms mainly because it is necessary in case they will met an accident while driving a rented car.
In fact, it is really a necessity to pay insurance for your car rentals, but not in all cases. Practically, paying insurance for your car rentals will end up in paying additional fees to your car rentals even though you have already paid for it on the rental contract. And hidden costs are again a major headache in your car rentals.
The best thing to do, in order to determine if you really need to either write a check or pay in cash for the insurance that most car rental firms collects, is to make some research to find out exactly the kind of insurance coverage that you already have. In most cases, you will find that your own car insurance is enough to secure your financial interest in case of damages in your rented car.

All people who owns vehicle have their insurance policy that provides them some extent of the coverage in cases of damage, theft, or any other mishap done to the car. In most cases the sane coverage is also effective to car rentals, although most of these policies vary. If your car is fully insured, the same thing also applies even if you are driving any rental car.

Before rejecting any car rental insurance offer by your car rental firm, ensure that you have communicated with your insurance agent or any representative from the insurance company that holds your policy to verify and ensure that your insurance covers car rentals. You will really end up losing thousands of dollars for your bill later on, if your car insurance does not provide any coverage to car rentals.

Nevertheless, it can be avoided by phoning your insurance company in advance. Even if you are not going to rent cars in the future, it is still a nice idea that you find out today whether your policy offers car rental coverage. You can employ any information that you can get today for future reference.

If your own car insurance does not fully or sufficiently cover car rentals, it does not mean that you will have to pay large amounts of money for the insurance fee that car rental firms will charge you. You can take options that your car rentals are covered in case of any accident, resulting to damages to the car. In fact, there are insurance companies that provide specific policies for their clients who frequently use rented cars.
Among them is the so-called non-owner car liability insurance policy where it provides comprehensive protection for drivers who do not have a car of their own. In spite of the fact that you do not have your own car insurance policy, this policy will offer you the financial security you need without submitting to the high insurance demands of your car rental firm.

If you want to take out any of the aforementioned insurance policies, remember that your goal is to pay the expenses that you really need as well as saving money for other more important expenditures.