Monday, January 28, 2008

High Risk Auto Insurance

Explore who is high risk driver. Clear up some factors, which are used by insurance companies to rate drivers as high risk. Know about how high risk drivers can improve their score.

High risk driver
Insurance companies use some factors to rate drivers as a high risk.

Driving record. You probably know that accidents that are your fault will increase your car insurance premiums, but tickets and not-at-fault accidents will also. Why? For each speeding ticket you get, your chances of being involved in a traffic accident rise by 100%, and being involved in multiple car accidents, (even if you're "not at fault") may suggest a pattern of reckless or careless driving.

Personal profile. You can not do much about it. All insurance companies will always consider men a greater risk than women, teens greater than adults, and urban dwellers greater than rural folk.

Continuous coverage. If you've carried car insurance coverage continuously over the past few years, it will affect your ability to get a policy now. It happens because the assumption is that you've either been driving without coverage or had your policy canceled by the previous insurer.

Your credit history. Your credit is a factor that increasingly influences other areas of your life, including insurance, though it may not seem fair. Statistics demonstrates that drivers with poor credit file more auto insurance claims, and so companies use this info to classify high risk drivers.

Improving the cost of car insurance for high risk drivers
If you want to get out of the high-risk driver category, be ready to spend much of time. Probably, you may need to change basic behaviors – speeding for example.

There are factors that will fade with time. A lot of insurance companies rate a driver with no points for three to five years as a good risk.

But there are some things you can do to cut high risk auto insurance costs now. Think over driving an older car and dropping collision and comprehensive coverage's. Or you can carry lower amounts of other standard coverage's, if you can accept the risk.

And keep in mind that shopping online is a great way to access high risk auto insurance companies in your area. It is possible to compare several offers!

High risk Car insurance quotes
Online car insurance shopping services can be very useful for the high risk driver. That's because they have instant access to the high risk auto insurance companies in your area. You don't have to shop around, and more often than not, you'll get several quotes from one application.