Sunday, January 27, 2008

Maserati Quattroporte Automatic Executive GT: Maserati Quattroporte - Executive GT and Sport GT

The Maserati Quattroporte effortlessly combines the two different souls of a luxury saloon and a thoroughbred sports car. A stunning mix of avant-garde technical solutions guaranteeing performance, road-holding and safety, Pininfarina design and a sophisticated cabin make it an authentic Italian flagship car.

The engine - 400 hp V8

The Quattroporte’s 4,244cc 90° V8 engine is light and compact, weighing in at just 183 kg. Its architecture is worthy of the most advanced racing engines, punching out a specific power of 95.2 hp/litre. Chain-driven twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank command four valves per cylinder with hydraulic tappets. The intake cams feature continuously variable phase timing, and also have a new profile expressly designed for the Quattroporte engine, which optimises its responsiveness. There is also an electronic drive-by-wire accelerator.

The Quattroporte’s V8 engine has a specific and fluid power delivery curve for top class ride comfort and smooth driving: the revs increase gradually and smoothly and the engine delivers a massive 400 hp (295 kW) at 7,000 rpm. Over 75% of the maximum torque (360 Nm out of a maximum 451 Nm at 4,500 rpm) is available at just 2,500 rpm. Combined with the MDS (Maserati DuoSelect) transmission, it offers maximum pleasure in day-to-day driving as well as in more press-on situations. The Quattroporte offers performance parameters that simply cannot be beaten in the luxury saloon segment: it comfortably delivers a 171 mph top speed and sprints from 0 to 62 mph in just 5.2 seconds.

MDS transmission – one gearbox, two souls

The six-speed electro-hydraulic Maserati DuoSelect (MDS) transmission system is one of the Quattroporte’s finest innovative features. On ignition, the system selects the automatic driving mode which offers smooth, rapid gear changing combined with top class responsiveness. This means that the driver can relax and appreciate the comfort of the car without having to worry about manually shifting the gears. There are none of the usual disadvantages associated with a normal torque converter either: the engine is wonderfully responsive and starts every time from cold with incredibly smooth upward gear changing.

The MDS gearbox also offers a much sportier kind of drive. Using the paddles mounted on the steering column, the driver can override the automatic mode without actually deactivating it. If he wants to disable it, however, all he has to do is push a button on the central console. This gives the kind of responsiveness required by a sportier driving style. There is no clutch pedal, of course, and the hill holder function makes hill-starts very easy too.

Perfectly balanced dynamic handling courtesy of optimal weight distribution

The Quattroporte is more than just a classic flagship car. It is a brilliant high performance saloon which handles nimbly and offers top-flight occupant safety in all conditions. The secret of the Quattroporte’s agility lies in its 47% front-53% rear weight distribution, unique in its segment. The Quattroporte’s weight distribution maximises traction and thrust during acceleration so that the car remains exceptionally stable and well balanced at all times. This comes courtesy of two highly specific technical solutions: the positioning of the engine further back in the chassis behind the front axle to shift the load back towards the cabin, and the adoption of the Transaxle layout which sees the gearbox rear-mounted in unit with the differential. The transaxle architecture is normally reserved for high performance sports cars and, in fact, this is the first time it has been applied to a luxury saloon.

Sophisticated suspension system ‒ comfortable and efficient

The Skyhook system works together with a highly developed suspension architecture offering front and rear double wishbones with arms and hubs in forged aluminium, to deliver blistering dynamic handling and sumptuous ride comfort. Anti-dive and anti-squat geometries prevent the nose diving under braking and the tail-end dipping under acceleration. The Skyhook system delivers automatic damping control too. Acceleration sensors monitor the movements of the wheels and the car’s body, instantly adapting the calibration of the dampers to suit. In fact, Skyhook is a staggering 10 times faster than conventional systems currently available. It actively controls the suspension’s responses and thus the reactions of the car itself. The driver can also choose between two modes: Normal (for maximum comfort) and Sport (for a more hands-on experience) to suit the style of driving required.

A fiery temperament with safety guaranteed

The Quattroporte’s extraordinary dynamic performance is the direct result of its stunning combination of driving and safety features which offer a perfect balance of sportiness and comfort. The Maserati Stability Programme, for instance, offers drivers vital back-up in the most difficult driving situations, by integrating the ABS, EBD and ASR functions. It acts on the brakes and engine to ensure that the driver stays in complete control of the car at all times. Just like the Skyhook, the MSP has two different modes, Normal and Sport.

The electronic power steering also offers feather-light handling during slower manoeuvres but becomes gradually more direct and precise as the car picks up speed.

The Quattroporte’s Brembo brakes are very powerful and efficient too, bringing it to a full stop from 100 km/h in just 36.9 metres. Maserati engineers also paid great attention to passive safety. The Quattroporte boasts a highly advanced occupant protection system, with six airbags (two-stage frontal, side and curtain) and seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters. In addition to this, the Quattroporte’s windows are made of laminated glass which doesn’t shatter if broken, offering the ultimate in occupant protection.

Onboard: a sumptuous haven of luxurious leather and precious wood

The Maserati Quattroporte’s cabin combines sumptuous handcrafted elegance with the space and comfort of a car designed to confidently eat up the miles on long journeys. Everything is functional yet luxurious: the controls have been ergonomically laid out to ensure that the driver has them easily to hand and eye at all times without detracting from the comfort of the front and rear passengers. The Quattroporte also offers power-adjustable front seats with 14 different possible positions as standard. The driver’s seat can memorise three different settings and boasts a special Easy Entry feature which raises the steering column and slides back the seat to facilitate getting in and out of the car. Just as much attention has been lavished on the power-adjustable rear seats too. In fact, the passenger on the left rear seat can slide the front passenger seat forward (up to 22 cm) for extra legroom at the touch of a button.

The cabin ambience and colours are exceptionally warm, giving a sense of cocoon-like protection, thanks to the use of precious woods, stunningly soft leather by Poltrona Frau and other luxury materials which the client can have tailored to his own tastes and requirements, as is typical of the Italian bespoke approach. Three different woods are available for the Quattroporte: rosewood, mahogany and walnut. A high tech titanium-effect and an elegant Black Piano finish are also available.

Onboard quality of life is given absolute priority. The temperature is optimised by a dual-zone climate control and the Quattroporte’s sophisticated computerised system features a Multi Media System colour display which includes, amongst other things, onboard computer functions, satellite navigation system* and a single CD player. On request, a GSM telephone, TV and DVD player can also be added. Last but far from least, the Quattroporte also boasts the exclusive Bose Hi-End® digital audio system which delivers all of the clarity, depth and power of a world-class concert hall.

* with digital map, where available.

The Quattroporte

Truly the great Italian flagship car

The Maserati Quattroporte has a genuinely exhilarating personality. It has the dual soul of an executive luxury saloon and the kind of dynamic sports car that everyone longs to drive. It quite literally is a dream come true, combining the space, comfort, exclusivity and hand-crafted personalisation of a flagship saloon with the nimble dynamic handling of a thoroughbred GT. A whole host of elements contribute to make the Quattroporte a unique car: its light, compact, incredibly responsive 400 hp (295 kW) 4.2-litre 90° V8 engine, the Maserati DuoSelect electro-hydraulic transmission, the Skyhook adaptive damping system, the MSP (Maserati Stability Programme), and its Transaxle layout. Plus, of course, Pininfarina’s unmistakably Italian and stylish design.

The Quattroporte Sport GT

Blistering handling and exhilaration

The Sport GT version of the Quattroporte was created to further enhance the high performance spirit and sporty character that set the Quattroporte apart from any other executive saloon. From an engineering point of view, the gearbox has been given the most radical overhaul; the Sport button allows the driver to significantly cut gear changing times (which are now 35% faster on average), thanks to a development in the electro-hydraulic transmission system’s CPU. At high engine speeds, the Quattroporte Sport GT’s exhaust system also gives a much deeper rumble to the already sporty sound of the Maserati V8.

The 20" wheels and specific Skyhook adaptive damping software mean a clear improvement in dynamic handling when used in more press-on situations. The wheels, which include the tyre pressure monitoring system, are combined with brakes featuring metal weave tubing, cross-drilled discs and titanium-coloured callipers.

The car’s sporty character is enhanced by subtle yet significant aesthetic touches. The black chrome of the grille and the side air intakes, for instance, take their inspiration from Maserati’s traditional racing styling cues while the bonnet bears the pierced Trident typical of the Maserati competition cars of the past. The carbon fibre trimmed steering wheel, sporty hand-brake grip and lightweight aluminium pedals complete the Sport GT look.

Quattroporte Executive GT

Uncompromising style

This Quattroporte Executive GT epitomises the great Italian flagship saloon at its most exclusive, raising the elegance of the car’s design and the sophistication of its interior to a whole new level. The Executive GT is instantly recognisable thanks to its chrome front and side grilles and 19" wheels. Almost obsessive attention has been lavished on both the comfort of the interior and the exclusive finish. This version also includes the Comfort Pack (combined heating, ventilation and massage for rear passengers as well as electric adjustment of both seats and backrests), retractable wood rear tables matched to the rest of the interior, and curtains for extra privacy and comfort. The cabin also boasts Alcantara roof lining, a leather-trimmed steering wheel with wood inserts and a climate control panel for the rear seat passengers.


Officine Alfieri Maserati programme

The Officine Alfieri Maserati Personalisation Programme adds yet another layer of exclusivity to an already highly sophisticated package. It takes the Italian concept of bespoke automotive tailoring to new heights, allowing the client to create his own car, from a catalogue that offers four million colour and material combinations alone. For instance, he will be able to choose from a selection of 15 exterior paintwork colours and 10 interior leather colours as well as 10 dashboard and steering wheel colours, 13 stitching and three roof lining colours. A choice of three deluxe woods is available too: rosewood, walnut and mahogany, each one enhanced by delicate Bois de Rose inlay. Clients can also opt for a high tech titanium effect or elegant Black Piano finish. Officine Alfieri Maserati’s personalisation options all focus on improving the onboard quality of life and on highlighting the Quattroporte’s brilliant temperament.

Last but not least, the personalisation programme can also be used to include other ad hoc features requested by the client, the only limit being that these must comply with the necessary technical, homologation and quality standards set by Maserati.

One-to-one test-drive

The Quattroporte is built in the historic Maserati factory complex on Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena. The factory is now one of the most advanced small series production facilities in the world, combining traditional hand-crafting techniques with cutting-edge technologies. Over the last couple of years, the factory has been completely renovated to guarantee the absolutely highest production standards. After being minutely examined and controlled in the engine running-in and testing area where its torque and power output are verified, each new Quattroporte is put through its paces by our professional test-drivers in a tough 100-kilometre test drive. Excellence is a matter of pride at Maserati.