Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lada C

Lada C

It is quite possible that in the nearest future LADA cars will look exactly like that – impetuous and aggressive. The letter “C” at the name of a vehicle, developed by young Russian designers, symbolizes three concepts at once: C-class, Concept, Coupe.

LADA-C is conceptual design on the basis of the new platform, which is developing in cooperation with Magna International Inc. and will become the base for the whole range of new LADA models. This class-C family will include sedan, hatchback, universal, compact van and cross-over with engines 1.6 – 2.0l.

In September 2006 at Moscow International motor-show for the first time LADA presented the new family sedan, its name was Concept C, and today in Geneva there is a debut of 3-doors hatchback with a typically sports character.

Concept-car design illustrates the process of searching for the new style of future Lada vehicles and now we know that this design will comply with the latest requirements. The new LADA family from the very first stage realizes fundamentally new level of basic consumer characteristics – safety, reliability, comfort.

In particular, form the very first stage the vehicle is developing with the purpose to obtain the maximum number of points for safety, not only for driver and passengers but also for the pedestrian safety.

The results of tests, carried out according to a procedure similar to EuroNCAP, show that prototypes comply not only with the existing but also with prospective requirements for passive safety.