Monday, January 28, 2008

Commercial Auto Insurance & Direct Auto Insurance

1.Commercial Auto Insurance

Get to know the benefits of commercial auto insurance. Find out the features of it. Consider things that are required for Superior Claims Service.

Commercial Auto Insurance is essential for the businessmen who use cars, trucks and autos for their business. They have to look for a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy which offers quality insurance and good Coverage at competitive rates and low Premiums.

Benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance
• Commercial Auto Insurance provides Coverage for Automobiles and Drivers both in case of Loss or Damage of vehicle and Injury of Driver resulting from an accident.
• Customers can get Customized Commercial Auto Insurance Policy which provides coverage according to his needs.
• Commercial Auto Insurance work as a protection to the business as it prevents large burden of Liability Costs occurring due to accident involving the Commercial Vehicles.

An Ideal Commercial Auto Insurance should consist of the following Features:
• Drivers should be included under the Coverage.
• All types of Commercial Vehicles starting from trucks to autos should be given coverage under the Commercial Auto Insurance Policy.
• Commercial Vehicles of all types of business including new business ventures should get Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage.
• Small and large business organizations should get the option of choosing Commercial Auto Insurance Policy according to their specific requirements.
• Business organizations opting for Commercial Auto Insurance should get the freedom to choose from different Pay Plan Options for paying the premiums for their policy.
• Businessmen who have taken Commercial Auto Insurance Policy for their Commercial Vehicles should get 24 hours Customer Service.
• If the Business requires a state filing for establishing Insurance Claim in case of accident, then the Commercial Auto Insurance Company should take care of that.
• Commercial Auto Insurance Policyholders should get Superior Claim Service, because when an accident takes place, vehicles need quick repair for smooth operation of the business.

Superior Claims Service requires the following things:
• Repair Options for Light Commercial Vehicles
• Presence of In-house Field Specialists for Extensive Damage caused to large commercial vehicle like trucks.

2.Direct Auto Insurance

Know about direct auto insurance. Familiarize yourself with possible risks.

Direct Auto Insurance is nothing but insuring an Automobile against all possible risks. This Direct Auto Insurance requires that a person should pay the Auto Insurance Company a certain amount of money at regular intervals or pay a sum to get his car insured and in return the Auto Insurance Company shall pay all the Liability Costs, Repair Costs or Replacement Costs according to the policy in case of car accident or any other mishap involving the insured car.

Need of Direct Auto Insurance
The actual need of Direct Auto Insurance emerges from the idea of protecting an automobile and Automobile Owner against all possible loss and damages that can be generated because of the automobile itself. So, to understand the need Direct Auto Insurance, understanding of the risks to which the automobiles and automobile owners are exposed is very important.

The Possible Risks
• The first risk to which an automobile is exposed to is the risk of Road Accident. This accident may be a minor one or may be severe one. If a person's new car meets a severe accident then one can easily understand the plight of that person. Other than the damage of his own car the person also becomes liable to pay for the damages caused to other car and others' property. In this case only a Direct Auto Insurance can act as a savior to the car owner.
• Another risk is that a car can suffer from Vandalism which can result in severe damage of the car and the Repair Costs and Replacement Costs can be really high.
• An automobile is also exposed to risk of being stolen. If a new car is stolen then the car owner is bound to suffer from a huge Financial Loss. In this case only a Direct Auto Insurance can compensate his loss.
• A car can also be damaged by flood, storm or any other natural calamity.
So, it can be unarguably said that Direct Auto Insurance should be done at all costs and every car must be insured adequately. There are so many Direct Auto Insurance Companies in the market which offer different Auto Insurance